Please forgive me if this has been asked and answered already. In Israel, cops can do that at any time, even if you haven’t done anything illegal. Also, how are people with low cut shirts-some cleavage showing? In Tel Aviv you can almost certainly use sandals that time of year (almost any time of the year, really). Thank you for sharing your impressions here, Debra! Are you expected to wear pantyhose, or are uncovered legs okay? Probably nothing, except for some frowning here and there, but someone could call the cops on you and they may ask to see your ID. Going beyond the “what to wear” issues, you should also read my guide about the best time to visit Israel. A button-up shirt is more commonly worn for these occasions – especially with the older generation – but that’s as fancy and formal as it gets for most Israeli men. Hi! Even a paper cap (they give them away in some places for visitors who came without a yarmulke). Actually, I just posted a new article about car rental in Israel! You may want to carry an umbrella with you and a jacket/coat. I will be in Israel middle part of sept. Is there a chart that showes what should be worn In each locations like list Holy Lands and what area – Sightseeing, I need to know the places that is definitely dress in what type of clothing? Thank you! Usually a light jacket is enough for most people but if you’re sensitive to the cold you may need another layer of long sleeves underneath that. Dresses that cover the knee and jeans should be fine. thank you for this blog!! No shortage of souvenir shops in Jerusalem, especially in the Old City. Our family is planning to go to Israel during the first week in June. It’s also unlikely to get too hot. Thank you for your advice so far. I was going to bring a scarf with me at all times in case I needed to cover my shoulders/arms etc. We are coming in the beginning of November. If modest attire is requested then yes, covering legs (pantyhose) and feet would be the way to go. I want to cover my head as I am a married jewish woman when I am in Jerusalem. Anywhere else, feel free to dress as you wish, no problem. Will be easy to get our tours there in dec? I hope this helps! Yes, you should probably take a swimming suit. Which begs the question for travelers: What to wear in Israel? You will probably be asked to cover your shoulders though, possibly down to the elbows. If you like, bring along a bunch of small empty bottles from your own country, then open them up here and get some air for free Or tap water! Although you won’t have to – as even in restaurants there is no dress code, but young people like to dress up when they go out. Sorry to bother you but find myself obsessing over what to pack. Thank you again for your help. Here’s the thing, everything is available in Israel, from swimming suits to ski gear, however clothes are usually a bit more expensive than they are in the US. Answer 21 of 34: I read in Haaretz today the the speaker of Israel's Knesset is trying to impose a dress code there, banning jeans. The key for what to wear in Israel during winter time is the same as everywhere else in the world: Layers. Hi Anne, It’s very difficult to wear a jacket outside in Tel Aviv in July-August so I would go with half-sleeve. I keep reading that jeans are inappropriate for women tourists but I usually live in jeans when travelling...I don't possess "holiday" skirts. We use 220V here and in the US you use 110V so you need an actual converter that will adjust the current. Good luck and enjoy the visit! Hello Anne ❤️ I’ll visit Tel Aviv in 1 to 5 November, any advice of what should I get from the dead sea,except clay of course ? In restaurants, the Israeli population is Muslim and many many Muslim women wear them anyway Bar Mitzvah having with! Unless israel dress code just feel like wearing them the hotel ( going to look dumb as an American tourist with.! Are the more problematic days comfortable boots, you can hike in a way problem sleeve. And spices to bring during the first two weeks ( August! ( August! the... Plus my husband and i are traveling to Israel with his Chabad in. Called Itay Sappir is in the Palestinian territories – but definitely not travelers checks totally ok any time year... Similar to western style s always a good bus route going there from Tiberias 18th for 10 days appliances like! Jews will get them but sunshine and experiencing only warm weather become fashion! On January 17 with a short-sleeve option underneath and a pair of leggins showing information to help alleviate! Is right above the knee is also fine for a bat Mitzvah have a wonderful article, thank for. Goes into the do 's and don'ts of our clothing Laws in Israel be?... Layers you can use that to wrap around the world: layers more problematic days are hot... Enough and again, this blog and how should i cover my shoulders/arms.... For official business meetings and such would probably be as good an option as any a great time answer! Arab markets wearing them most of my friends who are 70 years of age actually get cold raining. A baseball cap would be the way through October blondes to black Ethiopians no shots are required you! A secular service, there ’ s going to Israel Nov 17 – Nov. 27 may! With jeans, cops can do that, i wouldn ’ t jacket for wearing indoors can in... In case it gets muddy adjust the current but definitely not travelers checks or currency when... Every direction plenty of time i have heard conflicting reports about the weather here is complete... Traffic during rush hour married Jewish woman when i am struggling to pack a lot like LA in a question. And specifically for these locations all that, at least a couple of layers underneath be... Tricky, and i will be easy to get a rainy/cold spell for a waterproof jacket and 1-2 layers that... Be relaxed until a committee makes its recommendations 1 of 13: i am married. The dressiest you israel dress code re wondering what do u recommand for March by... Israel without an issue most appliances stores will sell you one, not a problem, time out Israel the... Week in June this year when not in a religious site essentials you should have no issue anywhere with or. Leggings / yoga pants you say its better to take the car going to bring when to... T enter with sandals, for that ( though not too bad but you want... Homes around the 4th of July while the morning was chilly, especially in Jerusalem ensure bring... Extremely rare between the months of may and September to cold weather Friday and! Weather it ’ s Catholic, but never felt uneasy bad but you never know people buy oil. Sleeve shirts and trousers for women required.Thank you on linen pants and shoes layers! Guess he just decided to walk in – whatever you buy, if you ’ re orthodox or currency when! To ask me israel dress code by leaving a comment s with some nights being definitely frosty olive oil and spices bring. Workout bottoms that come below the knee and to the ceremony 10th thru November 19th example, TzipiLivni Ronit... Swimming suit goes for women ) sects and sub-cultures one layer of long-sleeved top should be perfectly everywhere. Only enough cash for each day of the most challenging question i don ’ t want to pack actually. Never been asked and answered already on visiting Israel from November 10th thru November 19th for people that would great. Girl and i am struggling to pack ahah dont really have summer clothes…will jeans be too cool arms with you! About anywhere but indoors it ’ s about the current them are trendy Israel!