Related Manuals for Alesis SR-16. As you tap the 12 drum pads (each of which can be assigned to any of the available sounds), the SR-16… I purchased a used SR-16 that did not lnclude a power supply and eventually settled on this one. Alesis SR-16 Supplementary Manual 4 pages. ie. This high-quality replacement power adapter is 100% compatible with the Alesis SR-16 … My alesis power supply for the nanoverb is a noisey sucker .Could I use a boss supply and reverse the polarity. Alesis SR-16 - Studio-Grade Standalone Classic Drum Machine with On-Board 200+ Sound Library, Performance Driven I/O and In-Built Effects 4.5 out of 5 stars 353. 1 offer from £177.01. Alesis SR16 HR16 P3 M-EQ power supply ac adpater cable cord charger G_9V1A_2_5mm_z_0010 Regular Price: $25.98 Sale price: $14.99 Shipping & … 1.1B SR-16 Quick Description The SR-16 includes over 230 high-fidelity drum/percussion sounds, and is easy to operate. This is a replacement 9V power supply unit for Alesis SR-16 (early model) Drum machine, suitable for US wall sockets and is safe, reliable and brand new. The 9v supply … Perfect OEM Power Supply for Alesis SR-16 (9v) This power supply has been working flawlessly so far and does exactly what it promises to do. Page 1 • SR-16 DRUM MACHINE • POWER ADAPTER … Creating an account lets you register your products with us, and gives you the option of signing up to receive special offers and news about the latest Alesis … I bought a generic multi reverse earthed adapter that takes up to 240 volts AC. Also See for Alesis SR-16. The power supply specifications for Alesis SR-16 is 12Volt DC, 0.5Amp with the positive at the center pin of the connector. Alesis SR-16 Getting Started 13 pages. The US power supply that came with the sr16 (made by alesis… Alesis SR-16 Reference Manual 71 pages. Im no expert on electronics and voltage, but the adapter that I bought seemed to match the alesis power supply's voltage. I hope my answer … If you don't use an Alesis supply be sure to check the output voltage of what you're using with a volt meter, many generic supplies, especially unregulated AC types have higher output voltage that might stress the vintage internal power supply sections of the Alesis … I had a generic power supply once on my effects peddles when I got the boss one the noise dissapeared.My guess is it might work on the nanoverb if i reverse the polarity Noise Free Power Supply Replacement for Boss Psa-240 Guitar Effects Pedal Power Supply Adapter … … The Alesis P3 is a wall-mounted power supply with a 9VAC output and an 830mA current capacity. First introduced in 1990, the Alesis SR-16 drum machine remains relevant today thanks to its 24-bit sound engine and 233 natural-sounding drum sounds.