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- The Deck MateTM Drilling and Screwdriving System -
U.S. Patents: 4765785 & 7249538

DM-System DM-Drill DM-ESD DM-mister

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The Deck MateTM can reduce the man-power required to drill holes and drive screws in trailer and truck body decks by 2/3 whether the screw placement requirements are a consistent or variable pattern. it adapts to almost any bed without sides.

Fatiguing grunt-work is reduced to a press of a thumb button, resulting in higher quality work, fewer work place injuries, and much greater job satisfaction and employee retention.

Since the Deck MateTM drills work like a drill press, twist drills cut faster and last longer. The optional Mister results in even longer drill bit life by reducing the drill temperature by a couple of hundred degrees.

Use standard twist drills or take advantage of the Deck Mate's greater precision and use step drills and countersinks to make driving screws MUCH more efficient whether the Deck MateTM Automatic Screwdriver is used or screws are driven manually. Step drills result in stronger clamping action between the deck boards and cross-members, and the countersink results in less splintering at the screw head.

The DeckMate rolls from cross-member to cross-member on any flat deck and clamps to a wide variety of cross-members or side rail configurations with a flip of a switch. There is no need to snap a chalk line -- the rugged aluminum Bridge keeps the row of screws perfectly straight.

The DeckMate drills can be combined with our Automatic Screwdriver for even greater efficiency. It feeds standard economical self-tapping 5/16" Torx drive screws from a magazine and drives them to the precise depth you choose -- all with the press of a thum button.

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